by Deputy

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DEPUTY (self-titled) is a conceptual album about the evolution of rock n' roll from blues to heavy metal, as well as a loosely-connected narrative about the life and death of Deputy's main character, Truck Thunders.


released September 15, 2013

All songs © 2013 by Chris Hillman
All music performed by Chris Hillman except where otherwise noted
Additional engineering by Fletcher Yancey aka Skid "The Kid" Moriarty and Scott Kauffmann aka Rocco French
Mixed by Chris Hillman
Mastered by Chris Chaires
Recorded at Orange Studios, Gainesville FL



all rights reserved


Deputy Gainesville, Florida

Truck Thunders 19??-2013

How to enjoy DEPUTY:

1) Press play.

2) Crank volume.

3) Repeat.

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Track Name: The Ballad of Truck Thunders
I was born two hundred pounds heavy wearin' blacktop asphalt shoes
In a home on the side of the levee where I learned how to sing the blues
Every night when the sun went down we would drink til we had our fill
A Mason jar full of sweet white lightnin' coming straight off of the still

I left home fourteen years old determined to make it far
Kicked my boots down hwy 20 carryin' this here guitar
Been picked up my share of times by women and cops alike
Never stayed long, yeah I like it wrong
I escape into the night
Track Name: One Time Too Many
I went out to Yazoo City
To find my Mississippi queen
All I found was a note on the door
So I drove straight to New Orleans

One time too many, two times too soon

I caught up with Cajun Willie
He showed me where to get my fill
He said, "well I got plenty,"
"And if you won't, you know I will"

One time too many, two times too soon
Track Name: Late 2 Tha Party
She can get it in the mornin'
She can get it in the nighttime
She don't wanna be alone
Any time is the right time

She shows up late to the party
She does whatever she feels
She's gonna get something started
That's when you know it's real

Can't you feel it, baby?
Can't you feel it when you're alone
Can't you feel it, baby?
Can't you feel it coming home?

She's gonna shake it on the table
She's gonna writhe on the floor
She's gonna listen to her body
You know she wants some more

But she's gone in the morning
The place is locked up tight
She was late to the party
But she'll be back tonight
Track Name: Back To Reality
She's always saying "baby I gotta go"
And then I find her on the side of the road
I never wanna see it taking control
The moon sets and you crawl back in your hole

You wanna go back to reality
You wanna go back to your soul
You wanna go back to reality
You wanna go back to your hole

Turn off the lights, don't wanna see anymore
Her narrow vision cutting right to the floor
Half-empty glasses help her contact the pour
Released her quest there's no rights left to explore
Track Name: Join The Club
At seventeen you're feelin' restless
At twenty-one you head downtown
At twenty-five she leaves you breathless
At twenty-seven you're going down

To satisfy your wishful thinkin'
You let yourself in on the joke
You take every kind of drink
And never be the last one to croak
Track Name: Under Indica Skies
She's been sayin' she loved somebody
Someone just like me
So I told her the worst was over
And let me plant my seed

She stood and looked me over
She looked me down and up
"I can give you what you're looking for"
"Baby you're in luck"

Little darlin' I know you still taste it
When you close your eyes
But there's nothin' like the first time, honey
Under Indica skies
Track Name: Knockabout Girl
I know you think that everything is about you
And you're the center of the world
With your makeup and your high heeled boots on
Something had to die for that fur

I see you dancin' and you look my way
I see your little teasin' twirl
Now you're advancin', you can't hear me say
You're just a knockabout girl

I settle up you better pay your own
Your money's just as green as mine
Ain't spendin' double for the same results
Either way I'm gonna have a good time

That's right I'm leavin' don't you try to stop me
You know you're either coming or not
Yeah you got fashion girl but I have style
And you're one thing that I already got
Track Name: Tried Dat Voodoo
Tried dat voodoo tried dat voodoo
You know it ain't for me
Tried dat voodoo tried dat voodoo
You know it's just make believe

But you got to give credit where credit is due
They can lay one hell of a guilt trip on you

Tried dat voodoo tried dat voodoo
Learned that nothing is free
Tried dat voodoo tried dat voodoo
Yeah they're gonna crucify me

But you got to give credit where credit is due
Track Name: Cougar Attack
Speedin' through the desert in a souped up '74
Tach up, pedal down, listen to the engine roar
She's right behind me in a bored out '62
Yeah she's gonna show me just what to do

She caught up doin' ninety in a fifty-five
I said "Ooh who taught this hot rod mama to drive?"
We pulled over to the side and I introduced myself
"Name of Truck, just your luck."
Now we're drivin' straight to hell
Track Name: Kickin' It
Hear a sound in your room but there's nobody there
You gotta quit this soon yeah but nobody cares
Hocked your bed hocked your chair yeah you sleep on the floor
Got a sheet got a spike never need any more

Burnin' loud, itchin' stick and you're out of dough
You sleep bad you see blurred you got nowhere to go
Lick it stick it breathe it kick it, no not anytime soon
Takin' breakin' alienating everyone you know
Track Name: Last Day
You wanna give me
A black eye
Continue livin' your sci-fi nightmare
Today's the last day
If today's the last day
Of your life
Would you decay?
Or would you rise?

And you're lost in a world of your own creation
Inside of a glow

And you're lost in a world of your own
Creation inside of a glow
Track Name: Hell Is Yourself
Feel the weight crash down on your shoulders
A void forms in your chest
Sockets suckin' on the back of your eyeballs
Pressure defying your breath

Power leaking out slowly but wholly
It leaves you powerless
But no one will grieve you any less